Since 1981 we have provided jewelry casting and finishing services nation-wide. Send us a wax or 3D printed model and stones and we can cast, finish, and set your stones for a ready-to-deliver product. Or we can work with you from scratch beginning with an idea and a drawing. We offer a full range of services designed to assist you with any part of the jewelry manufacturing process. We are Arkansas-based and do everything in-house.

Rough Casting$35 each or per flask
Tumbled finishing$1.50 per piece
High-polish hand finishing$10 per gram
Stone settingstarting at $2 per stone (see stone setting prices)
3D CAD design$75-$400 (per quote)
CAM/Prototyping, 3D printing$15-$35 per model
Plastic injection (metal die) tooling*$250
Rubber mold (we/you keep)*$40 / $100
Shoot wax mold/injection die$1 per piece
Shoot ring wax mold + size wax$1.50 per piece
Hand engraving$45 and per quote
Enameling$20 and per quote
black/white rhodium plating
small batch only
$20 with masking, $10 no masking per piece
Assemblyper quote
* custom metal die or rubber molds of your product have an initial 50 piece minimum order and 25% deposit
Prices are subject to change without notification


Our award winning jewelry designers will work with you to bring your ideas to life. From a simple sketch or if you have pictures of an existing item and want something similar, send us your custom jewelry projects. Have your products Made in the USA by Specialty Casting. We can also help your design a full product line of fine custom jewelry.

We provide hand-carved wax models, 3D CAD design and high resolution 3D prototyping printing services.

Metal Die and Rubber Mold

We can create a metal mold or rubber mold required for jewelry production

  • If a copyright exists on items submitted for duplication, you must own the rights.
  • Rubber mold duplication: $40 per mold setup fee. Non-refundable. Shrinkage factor with rubber molding and casting is 6-10%.
  • Metal mold die making: starting at $250 per mold setup fee. Non-refundable. [why metal molds are better]
  • Initial order is a minimum of 50 pieces when we create a metal die or rubber mold.
  • A 25% deposit is required for the initial order.
  • Proper copyright forms can be sent to Specialty Casting to sign as a co-author of custom die work.
  • All molds created by Specialty Casting are kept in-house with the understanding that Specialty Casting does the production.
  • After the initial order, if you decide to take your molds elsewhere for production, a good will payment is required.
  • If you don't place an order within 3 years of the mold creation date we reserve the right to destroy the mold.


We are capable of handling 3D printed models in castable material, wax original, wax injection, plastic injection, models or rubber molds. All models are carefully inspected for any imperfections, which might compromise the finished quality. We cast in 10k, 14k or 18k in yellow, rose, green or white gold. We also cast in sterling silver.

Stone Setting

Our experienced setters are skilled at a variety of setting tasks; everything from prong settings to the more difficult forms such as channel, bezel, and pave.


Our polishing experts are skilled in lapping, buffing, application of rhodium and surface finishes. Every item that leaves our factory must pass our high standard of quality, and our finishing department ensures extra attention to detail. Semi-finished product is available.


Our award-winning hand engraver creates one-of-a-kind pieces. He has engraved such items as jewelry, watches, guns, knives, artillery shell casings - expertly crafting each piece with intricate detailing.

Additional Services

  • Wholesale gemstones
  • Casting runs of large quantity
  • Free pickup and delivery for Little Rock, Arkansas area customers
  • 10 business day turnaround on most casting and finishing jobs
  • Rush services are available

Specialty Casting is not liable for any copyrights or patents violated by manufacturing customer specific products. We reserve the right to reject submitted projects, artwork, and customer molds.